Private Investigations

Official statistics show that one in four couples are separated or divorced.
Therefore it’s clear that tensions and conflicts within the family constitute a privileged field of action to hire a private investigator.

The detective is often called upon to look for evidence in support of separations with debit or locate income, cleverly concealed by the spouse who does not want to pay alimony to the other party weaker.

Moreover we always hear about the difficulties in the relationship between parents and children, often a poor communication and lack of mutual understanding, and, in the worst case, some kids leave their family or leave groped from easy, but dangerous, new experiences.

In all these cases the investigative agency is called to spy on the children and provide the evidence needed to dispel doubts or perhaps resolve difficult situations with the help of a psychologist.

Family Investigations:

– Observation services with video and photo evidence
– Investigations on marital infidelity
– Investigations for legal separations with valid forensic evidence
– Investigations in child custody
– Investigations into the frequenting of minors
– Inquiries to determine the use of drugs
– Tracing missing persons
Personal investigations:

– Observation services with video and photo evidence
– Financial investigations and assets
– Investigation into the real availability of capital and profit
– Ensuring reliability party buying and selling property
– Investigations for personal safety
– Investigation on theft
– Investigation on accidents and injuries
– Telephone and environmental remediation
– Investigation on letters and anonymous phone calls
Criminal Investigations (Authorization pursuant to Art. 222 Code of Criminal Procedure, Standards Coord)

– Research documentary, video and photographic evidence
– Research and interviews of people informed about specific facts
– Research of witnesses in favor of the injured party
– Reliability control of witnesses of the other party
– Reconnaissance of people and things