The Investigation's Experts

  • for Privates

    for Privates

    Official statistics show that one in four couples are separated or divorced.
    Therefore it’s clear that tensions and conflicts within the family constitute a privileged field of action to hire a private investigator.

  • for Corporations

    for Corporations

    With over 40 years of experience in the areas of investigations on financial-asset and in civil and criminal liability, we provide services to support our clients in the areas of business management for the protection of their credits and the security of their enterprises.

  • Bonifications


    Telephonic and ambiental bonifications have to be done by highly specialized personnel, with high-end technologies, to detect the increasingly more sofisticated spying systems.

  • for Law Firms

    for Law Firms

    Numerous and important Lawyers work together with Informark Investigations’ unit, to search for witnesses, to do out of court experiments, video and photographic representations of facts, people or things